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C7976A HP LTO6 Ultrium 2.5TB/6.25TB Data Cartridge

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Product ID: 81Y7012 FRU: 90Y5961

IBM Card PCI-X Interposer Conversion Kit Option:

Part Number: 81Y7012; FRU: 90Y5961; Warranty 12 months.

The IBM System x3500 M4 PCI-X interposer convertation kit option containts the following compoments.

Use this option kit replace a PCI Express slot and to add a PCI-X slot to the server. See the server documentation for detailed instructions for installing this option in the server. The illustrations in this document might differ from your hardware

Price: 2.440.000 ₫

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IBM Card PCI-X specifications: One PCI-X interposer card; IBM Warranty information document; Important notices document; This document; Store this document with your other product documentation for future reference.

Part Number: 81Y7012; FRU: 90Y5961


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