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IBM NetXtreme 1000 T Dual-Port Ethernet

Product ID: 39Y6093 FRU: 39Y6095

Original description: The IBM 39Y6093 is the first Dual Port PCI-X 10/100/1000 Ethernet Adapter offering based on the latest Broadcom BCM5704 technology for xSeries; Warranty 12 months.

Price: 2.990.000 ₫

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IBM NetXtreme 1000 T Dual-Port Ethernet adapter; PN: 39Y6093 FRU: 39Y6095

The IBM 39Y6093  is the first Dual Port PCI-X 10/100/1000 Ethernet Adapter offering based on the latest Broadcom BCM5704 technology for xSeries
Dual Port option provides dual Ethernet ports at up to 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X performance in a single PCI/PCI-X slot to free up other slots in the system
Hardware/software commonality with xSeries BCM570x on-board and adapter technologies
Dual port architecture frees up one slot for constrained PCs xSeries servers
64-bit PCI and PCI-X support for faster transmissions with lower CPU utilization
Low-profile capability (comes with both standard bracket and low profile bracket
PCI hot-plug lets you remove/replace server network interface cards (NICs) without taking the server offline
Automatic link aggregation and load balancing
Smart Load Balancing allows heterogeneous failover
Remote boot feature for remote system setup and maintenance
PCI 2.2 Wake on LAN enables remote management

RICOM sells new and refurbished IBM cards at a cost savings to our customers. For current pricing on new and refurbished IBM 39Y6093 contact a RICOM sales representative. Carefully refurbished and tested using OEM specifications, you can acquire IBM 39Y6093 at a fraction of purchasing new. We inventory a complete list of added accessories, options, and upgrades including the IBM 39Y6093. With decades of experience recycling and remarketing used IT equipment, RICOM will offer a fair market value on any decommissioned IBM 39Y6093. RICOM certified used equipment is protected by a three-month quality satisfaction guarantee.


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