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IBM System Storage DS3200

Product ID: DS3200 – 172621X
IBM System Storage DS3200 – 172621X: 512 MB battery-backed cache with 1 GB upgrade option / 1 or 3 host ports per controller, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 3 Gbps / Supports 3 Gbps SAS drives at 10,000rpm and 15,000rpm speeds / RAID-0, -1, -3, -5, -10 / Storage partitions: 4, 16 / Fans and power supplies: Dual-redundant, hot-swappable / 19″ industry-standard rack / IBM System Storage DS3000 Storage Manager / Warranty 12 months

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Models 1726-21X—single controller1726-22X—dual controller
RAID controller Dual active
Cache 512MB battery-backed
Host interface 1 or 3 host ports per controller, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 3 Gbps
Drive interface Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
Supported drives Supports 3 Gbps SAS drives at 10,000rpm and 15,000rpm speeds
RAID levels RAID-0, -1, -3, -5, -10
Storage partitions 4, 16
Maximum drives supported 48 SAS drives (using three EXP3000 Expansion Units)
Fans and power supplies Dual-redundant, hot-swappable
Rack support 19″ industry-standard rack
Management software IBM System Storage DS3000 Storage Manager
Warranty1 One year parts and labor
Dimensions Height – 8.7 cm (3.4 inches); Width – 44.7 cm (17.6 inches); Depth – 55.0 cm (21.6 inches);Weight: approximately 36.6 kg (16.6 lbs) for a standard unit; when fully configured,27.2 kg (60 lbs)
Environment Air temperature: DS3200 on: 10° to 35°C (50.0° to 95°F); altitude: 30.5 (100 ft) below to3000 m (9840 ft) above sea level; temperature change: 10°C (18°F) per hour – DS3200 off:10° to 50°C (14.0° to 120.0°F); maximum altitude: 3000 m (9840 ft); temperature change:

15°C (27.0°F) per hour; Humidity: – DS3200 on: 20% to 80% – DS3200 off: 10% to 90% –

Maximum dew point: 26°C (79°F) – Maximum humidity gradient: 10% per hour

Heat output Approximate heat output in British thermal units (Btu) per hour: minimum configuration:205 Btu (60W); maximum configuration 1235 Btu (361W)
Supported systems For a list of currently supported servers, operating systems, host bus adapters, clusteringapplications, SAN switches and directors, refer to the DS3000 series Interoperability matrixavailable at

One clear message heard from small and medium businesses is that their data is as valuable to their organizations as data is to the enterprise customer. In fact, small businesses are experiencing even faster data growth and are discovering that their storage and data protection requirements have more similarities than differences, relative to large enterprises. Small businesses can take an overburdened internal storage infrastructure to a new level by using the flexible and affordable IBM System Storage™ DS3200 storage system. By moving storage outside the server, small businesses can increase the capacity and reliability of the data solution well beyond the initial storage investment.

Easy to deploy and manage

With many small business IT departments having one or a part-time administrator and limited time to spend on data management, the DS3200 can be easily installed without extensive knowledge or effort. The DS3000 Storage Manager software was designed for easy implementation for an unseasoned administrator. The task-oriented management interface of the DS3000 Storage Manager presents tasks to the administrator first and then asks which object to perform the task on. This contrasts to an object-oriented interface of a typical system in which the object is first selected, then the task, and requires a higher depth of storage networking expertise. The DS3000 Storage Manager approach enables even non-Storage administrators to quickly set up and deploy the storage solution. The management application’s task-oriented interface removes the resistance that many organizations have with their limited inhouse expertise.

Expand with multiple EXP3000s

The scalability of the DS3200 allows IT managers to respond to their constantly changing storage environment. By starting small, the DS3200 allows users to make additional investments in their infrastructure only when their data growth necessitates it; thus organizations can easily increase capacity and storage capabilities with minimal cost and effort. The DS3200 capacity is increased by either adding hard disk drives or by expanding the configuration and adding EXP3000 expansion units. Both these operations can be done without having to shut down the DS3200. This means “zero-impact” to your environment and gives users control of their data storage as they expand capacity on an as-needed basis.

Flexible approach to storage

The DS3200 is a comprehensive storage solution for IBM System x™ and select third-party servers. This flexibility allows you to break free of server barriers and use a single storage solution in a mixed vendor environment.

Priced right for small business

With the functionality and availability features that come standard and a price-point that does not strain the budget, the DS3200 is the simple choice for the small and medium businesses. Other storage products require the purchase of expensive options for basic storage configurations. The DS3200 is an out-of-the-box solution that will satisfy the majority of storage needs.

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